The World of Mukbang

Mukbang is a combination of Korean words meokneun and bangsong which means broadcast eating. It is a popular online eating show which individual eat a humongous portion of food. The mukbang was started in South Korea in 2010 and now it achieved popularity around the globe. Mukbang gains its popularity in the streaming online media platforms such as Youtube, Afreeca TV, Kakao TV, and Twitch. Most of the online youtubers and vloggers make mukbang videos for their channel. The reason why many people hooked up in this mukbang trend because it gives them the popularity in the show. Others would say that it is their way to enjoy the food that they have and entertain people. We all know that food is essential for our living. It gives us the energy and nutrients that we need for our existence. In the mukbang world, food is their primary subject. The people who make mukbang videos or eating shows are called mukbangers. The mukbangers would use food as their way of entertainment to their audience. A lot of mukbangers used the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) mukbang method to give a sensational and tingling experience. Mukbangers would chew their food slowly and make sounds out of the food they eat.

The Inside of Mukbang

There are a hundred mukbangers around the world. They used the streaming media platforms especially YouTube to upload videos and earn from it. Most of the mukbangers have their own unique and creative way for their mukbang videos. They buy a variety of food on the menu of the restaurant, fast food chains, and groceries. They also have a food challenge that will make others compete and make it a trend. In this case, they will earn a lot of money on their account and gain more audience on their channel. A mukbang channel can earn $10,000 per monthly views. No wonder that most of the channels and streamed videos are eating shows. YouTube is the largest stream media platform online. Hence, there are a lot of Youtubers that would make an account and upload videos. There are also top mukbang YouTubers that gain million viewers and subscribers. The ultimate goal of the mukbang youtubers is to eat and enjoy the food they have and share it with their audience. Most of the popular videos uploaded online by the mukbang youtubers are their ginormous food. They have noodle challenge, eat the popular menu of the popular fast food chains and restaurants in the world, and showcase their food for cheat days and special occasions.

Mukbang is another way of entertainment, especially in the online world. It gives people happiness and joy because they can eat the food that they want, share the food to others, and gain popularity through eating shows. However, we must also consider the pros and cons of eating a large amount of food. Most of the food that mukbangers eat are unhealthy food primarily junk food. They eat a large number of instant noodles, burgers, and chips, and drink a lot of soda. In this case, it may result in a bad outcome for your health and arise to illness. It is not good also to eat a large amount of food because it may not be good for your metabolism. Mukbang is good for entertainment but we must also consider our health. We should not eat often the food that is bad for our health. We should also eat properly the food we intake, and take a minimal portion of it.